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Broken, torn up inside,
Feel like I have to hide
The fact that I’m deeply sad.
Don’t know why, why am I feeling this bad?

Nothing’s changed in an obvious way
Getting out of bed each dreary day
Is very wearing in this blanket of fear.
It doesn’t feel like the end is near.

I want to shout, “let me get off”
This ridiculous never-ending train.
We had a snow day amidst all the rain
But it didn’t last and back to grey we go.
And the deaths are rising and the news is scary
We don’t have any light at the end of this tunnel
The French are cross and might start a war
Because they’ve got to settle a score
That we weren’t even keeping
And, still, the nation is weeping
For all its lost friends and mothers and fathers and brothers when you couldn’t go to funerals or say goodbye.

You were allowed to cry.

When you were clapping for carers and the NHS heroes
Who are just shafted as usual with un-kept promises
And still we rely on them and at what cost to them, for without them we’d be totally lost.

Whilst we pray that the vaccine is the answer, 65 million people are hoping and waiting, the papers are still sniping and baiting.
Babies and dogs will have reduced recognition, deaf people suffer in silence, The elderly are even more lonely and the poor just suffer.

And nothing changes, a whole year lost.

28th January 2021

© Alison Passey First Published 2021 All Rights Reserved


To keep the Lockdown blues away
These things do keep me cheery
I’m always listening to Radio 2
It keeps me from being weary

Then there’s quizzes, with different peeps
Still not boring, despite twice a week
They keep the brain good and active
9 months and more, and never bleak

A regular schedule of zooms and skypes
With different folks almost every night
A lengthy chat with a single friend
Every Whisky Friday, a beacon of light

A weekly call with my elderly neighbour
Twice daily skypes with my shielded Mum
Trying to stave off the return of her deafness
But teaching her to Zoom has been fun

I’m now really starting to miss swimming
But enjoyed the shopping and some decorating
A new set of drums, the neighbour’s moving!
But the lack of my cleaner, I’m really hating

I miss my friends, tonight’s a zoom funeral
But we keep on going, every day anew
Movies to make, and spreadsheets to fix
But bring on the vaccine, I’m in the queue!

7th January 2021

© Alison Passey First Published 2021 All Rights Reserved