Hi there geeks, the ones they call freaks,
Who disparage Word, they think its absurb,
They love gridlines and v look ups,
they change their flags to pictures of cups.
Cos they also love tea! And fancy macros,
What is their purpose? Nobody knows.
But they look really pretty and they’ve helped out this ditty,
And you call yourself an Ex-pert.

Excel, excel, you used to be hell,
Now you’ve done a course and you’re off like a horse,
Excel, excel, you’re making me think,
You can do away with pen and ink.
You can do away with pen and ink!
It’s fun to learn, you can do a pivot table,
that’s not what you dance on, even if you’re able,
But the best of all, even better than charts,
demonstrate how to concatenate,

Excel, excel, you’re my new best friend,
not quite sure how this ditty will end,
Excel excel, what’s the meaning of life?
Do you really just use Sum if?
Do you really just use Sum if?

*Sung to the tune of Tom Jones, Sex Bomb*

19th May 2018

© Alison Passey First Published 2018 All Rights Reserved