All the places I’ve never seen
All the places I’ve never been
The world has changed oh so fast
We should have known that things don’t last

And now it seems a different age
A different curve, a different stage.
We must not panic, we can shine
Take every day, one at a time.

Our family, friends, support your “team”
Acclimate, learn a new routine
We’ll get through this, we will survive
The human race, knows how to thrive.

Try and be there for your neighbour
Help them out with a small favour
A trick from times of yesteryore
Let’s face it now, we are at war.

I still want to drive a Harley
All the way down Route 66
But for now at home I’ll stay
And watch a boxset on Netflix.

Be safe
Be kind
Be strong

1st April 2020

© Alison Passey First Published 2020 All Rights Reserved